Work + Passion = Happiness

So what’s so cool about the mortgage business?

For starters, we get a lot of hugs from happy clients. Whether they’re in person or virtual, every single one is meaningful, because we know that with every loan we close, we’re helping someone unlock a new financial future. We love the mortgage business because it’s the best way we know to help people gain a firm financial footing. That’s something everyone needs, and it also happens to be our business and our mission.

So what’s so cool about working at Downs Capital?

We’re a tight tribe of finance geeks, amateur athletes, detail nuts, sports fans, client service aficionados, information gatherers, foodies and good neighbors. We love small children, all beings in the animal kingdom (except for spiders), and people most of all. But lest you think we’re only about happy thoughts and warm brownies, we’re also one of the top branches at Caliber Home Loans, and our volume and teamwork are recognized throughout the company. We actually do work hard, and play hard too.


Operate as a real team — you’ll never be alone (seriously)
Hold everyone accountable (nicely)
Return every call
Answer every question
Create marketing plans that help you attract people you’ll love to work with
Tell the truth
Pick up the phone
Enable loan officers to handle $20 million in loans their very first year
Never waste time
Enjoy each other
Learn everything we can

Why Work Here?

First of all, if you’re the kind of professional who always does the right thing, you’ll fit right in here. We wear our clients’ finances like they’re a second skin, and always do what’s right for them before thinking of ourselves. It’s not about rates, points or programs; it’s about helping people make smart choices about the largest purchase they’re likely to make. If you love to help, provide counsel and wouldn’t mind furthering your career by doing great work … Downs Capital could be a fit for you.

If that’s appealing, you’re also going to love Caliber Home Loans’ superior technology (that makes it easy to do your job), as well as in-depth training, proven processes and an atmosphere that celebrates individual success as well as the team. To be honest, we operate like a scrappy small team of ninjas, in a very well-resourced, large company also known as Caliber Home Loans.

Join Our Team

Loan Consultant

Loan Consultants structure the loan application and loan terms, making certain the loan program and pricing structure meets the goals of the client as well as Caliber. You are responsible for maintaining loan production at or above minimum loan volume and quality targets. You also make people happy.

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Loan Closer

Closer/Funders prepare loan packages for the closing and funding process. You have an eagle-eye for detail, an affinity for math, an understanding of the whole lending process, and a drive to get things done on schedule. People love you.

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