Jessica Wilson

Customer Care Manager

As Customer Care Manager for Downs Capital, Jessica oversees day to day operations, manages the team’s schedule and makes sure all of our customers are provided with the best service possible. She also is involved with our sales and marketing, helping to shape our program so that it provides the education home buyers need in order to meet their financial goals. She went to Anne Arundel Community College and completed her Business Management associates degree.

Our unofficial team captain, she is at once speedy and thoughtful, qualities that she brings to the job from her busy family life with two daughters, a husband and a ginormous dog.

If life is in the details, Jessica Wilson has a full life, and she’s already crossed one item off her bucket list: running a marathon. She’s the first to say that the experience taught her a lot about commitment, training and teamwork. Jessica is the person who ensures that things get across the finish line on time her at Downs Capital.

When she’s not helping clients, you can find her running through the woods near Deep Creek Lake. Jessica is also a weekend fitness/spinning instructor.

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