Rob Downs

Mortgage Advisor
NMLS# 1480437

Rob Downs is a different breed of mortgage advisor. In his own words, “I base my services on three tenets I hold dear – best in class customer service, education, and most importantly, trust!”  His road to mortgage advising was winding but formed the foundation of what makes him a trusted loan advisor.

Like a lot of young men that grow up in the shadows of the U.S. Naval Academy, Rob joined the Navy, traveling the world through six years of service to his country, achieving a rank of E-6.  Upon honorable discharge from the US Navy, he embarked on an award-winning career in IT and advertising, working on some of the world’s most beloved brands, like Coca-Cola, GE, and Mercedes.

Over the years, Rob’s brother, John – founder of Downs Capital – would seek his advice on how to spread his brand and message of home affordability. It was these conversations that piqued Rob’s interest in making a career change from helping brands sell products to truly helping people. Not only would he be able to put his IT and advertising experience to good use by helping spread the Downs Capital message, he would be advising people through what is likely the biggest financial decision of their life – something that can be confusing and seem unattainable – buying a home.

“My biggest thrill is working with first time home buyers and simplifying the complex to reveal not only how attainable and affordable home ownership is, but how it can be used as a stepping stone to real financial independence and wealth building for years to come,” says Rob. “I take great pride in the trust my clients and agents place in me. My goal is to have every client I work with sit confidently at settlement, knowing they’ve made one of the best financial decisions of their life.”

Outside of work, Rob enjoys spending time with his lovely wife and chasing down their adventurous two children. His hobbies include travel, softball, and community service with various neighborhood organizations.

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